This product is used to stop the production of melanin, the main cause of hyperpigmentation

Brightening & Wrinkle improvement


Eliminates and stops the formation of dark spots 'hyperpigmentation' on your skin.

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discover her secret!

The "7-week miracle"

For brighter & smoother complexion, and glassy skin!

  • A**** A**

    "Used the HyCo Peptide Gel as part of my skincare routine. In around a week or 2, my colleagues noticed how my skin looks way smoother. Would recommend!"

  • D*****

    "Had my nose waxed using Jax Wax, it was very quick and it wasn't painful at all. It was my first time so I was really glad it went smoothly."

  • J** Y**

    "The wax sets quickly, very easy to remove, and it didn't leave any residue on the skin - just like it promised. The brand lives up to expectation."

  • M****

    "I love the mascara remover - 1st Cleanz. It instantly removes my make up and mascara thoroughly, plus its very gentle on my skin. After using a couple of make up removers from other brands, with some causing slight irritation, I'm now a regular user of 1st Cleanz"

  • P****

    "My sister introduced me to Lon.G just to try it out. I've always had dark spots on my face, but now some of them have faded and its only been a couple of days using them. Still in shock how this product actually works and showed results that quick."

  • E******** Y**

    "I use the Spa Fundamentals Bubble Mask before going to bed. It felt ticklish on my first few uses but my face never felt so clean and smooth after rinsing it off. Thank you so much!"

The Ultimate Solution to Dark Spots and Wrinkles

Cica Cera Cream. Vegan Face Moisturizer. 110% more skin moisture, non-irritating.

Lon.G - Korean Skincare

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Hair Waxing

Jax Wax

Our hair wax collection is a comprehensive range of vegan, cruelty-free, and synthetic products that are highly recommended by estheticians. Our collection includes a complete array of waxing items, ranging from soft to hard wax, as well as lotions and oils, providing you with everything you need for effective and professional waxing experiences.

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Professional Skin Care

Spa Fundamentals

Experience the ultimate skin transformation with our range of skincare essentials including a makeup remover, eye serum, bubble facial mask, and facial serum. Made without any toxic or added chemicals, our products are your allies for detoxification, whitening, pore control, and anti-wrinkle and spot treatments. Embrace the power of pure, natural ingredients for a healthier, more radiant complexion.

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Korean Skin Care


Discover our South Korean skincare line, designed to brighten and smooth wrinkles with advanced technology and natural ingredients like probiotics and papaya enzymes. Our products mimic your skin's natural lipids to hydrate and protect, offering a gentle, preservative-free solution for vibrant, youthful skin. With key benefits like improved elasticity and moisture, our formulas are simple, effective, and kind to your skin, embodying the best of Korean beauty innovation.

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Lon.G Cica Cera 'Miracle' Moisturizing Cream


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We're currently accommodating customers residing in the United States.

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We ship our products from San Antonio, Texas. We also accept curbside pickups for our local clients.

When was the company established?

We started our retail operations in 2002 located in California.

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We accept 14-day refunds for our products. Please refer to our refund policy.